The project

What is Yookye?

Yookye is an experiential tourist platform that allows travelers to receive complete proposals of stays and experiences, without having to spend days on different websites and with the added value offered by the ability to draw on the knowledge of experts in the area. Yookye builds partnerships with local suppliers to create a real experiential holiday, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the reality of the destination chosen and, thanks to the developments in the project, take home or receive at home the typical features of the territory. 
Yookye intends to provide an innovative booking experience, offering users personalized travel experiences, tailored to their needs and inclinations.


The value proposition

1. Complete planning of the travel experience through local experts: through the Yookye web platform, users describe their passions and receive three holiday offers in line with their interests. The proposals are created by experts in the tourism industry with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to profile the inclinations and expectations of users based on personal experiences.

2. Reduction of booking transaction costs: Yookye has significantly lower transaction costs for both tourists and owners compared to existing booking platforms. This is made possible by the YOOK token, an Ethereum-based security token created by Yookye to enable all transactions on the host and guest platform. Traditional payment methods are accepted, as are the most popular crypto currencies, but at a much lower cost than other platforms.

3. Data security and reliability: Yookye is decentralized and uses Blockchain Ethereum technology to ensure transactions and data management in total transparency. Guests interact directly with owners through smart contracts. The risks of data manipulation are reduced and the reliability of the information reported within the platform increases (reviews certified through external nodes of the network). The actual existence of a property/service is guaranteed, ensuring that only those who have used a service can access comments.


Experiential tourism:
a new way of living the holiday.

YOOKYE is a platform with the mission to create and market experiential tourism, creating proposals and holidays from 1 day to large tours, allowing users to experience firsthand unique emotions living unforgettable experiences to love for life. These experiences will be created by Yookye experts, who collaborate on the territory to offer personalized and sustainable proposals for tourists.
The platform therefore also acts as a communicator of the excellence and specialties that are found in a locality or destination.

The novelty and the peculiarity introduced in the request and booking system makes Yookye a very innovative platform.
In fact, in the header of the home page we find, under the text “your journey begins here”, a “Enter” button that offers the possibility to the guest to fill out the request form, in which, through some boxes marked, you can communicate to Yookye experts the aspirations, desires or dreams of vacation of the user. Within 24 hours of sending the form, the experts will send an email with the three specific proposals for the guest.
Each proposal consists of an accommodation (house, villa, castle …), at least two experiences related to the requested destination and any additional services.
Each available option, both accommodation and experience, is listed with a picture of the location, name, price and link to the detailed description page, and can be included in the final choice of the guest. Once received the proposal, the user can confirm the purchase and payment that can be made, in total security and certification blockchain with credit card, paypal or cryptocurrency Ethereum.
At the end of the process, the customer is sent the travel diary, with all the daily details of the holiday, the data of the tour operator and personal travel insurance for each participant, plus a number of assistance 24 hours on 24.

For users who want to search for an all-inclusive product, our experts create trips differentiated by destination, experience, target and specific category.
In conclusion, in each section of the platform, the guest can find an expert following him/her, either through the form or a personalized request, rather than in an all-inclusive trip, specifically designed for specific duration and objectives.
Each destination will have its own local experts who will interact with the accommodation facilities, accommodation and activities available at the location/destination.
A demo of the entire process can be viewed here:


The reception experience.

Yookye’s innovation for Owners is to reduce the time spent managing their property and increase revenue by reducing commissions. Yookye provides a full set of advanced digital services, reducing the burden on hosts to sell and manage their real estate rentals. Yookye can be customized by each host and enriched with additional services that make the booking process easier and more reliable, improve advertising and customer service for guests: Top Positions in Search results, Upload More photos and videos, Additional statistics (e.g. views, detailed booking history), 360° immersive videos; WI-FI provided by Yookye partners, Home Exchange, Electronic Key, Cleaning Service, After Hours Maintenance Service. All these services can be paid for with the YOOK token.


Why is it worth investing in the development of the Yookye project?

Yookye has a significant impact on the enhancement of local tourism activities that are crucial for the economic development of many European regions. The impact on the territory is maximized by the cross selling approach of the offer: not only stay but also complementary experiences, mobility, typical products, etc.. Thanks to the experts on the territory, Yookye is the only platform able to:
– Integrate complementary services/activities, with the aim of extending the average stay of guests and holiday spending in the area;
– Respond and stimulate the needs of potential travelers with tailored proposals that encourage them to visit and try new experiences, increasing the number of travelers and the frequency of travel;
– Enhance the experiential offer, generally made by small tour operators who would be unlikely to be able to communicate their presence and advertise services outside the territory.

Uniqueness of the project.

Yookye is the first holiday platform based on blockchain technology, which translates into a number of advantages:

1) Significantly lower transaction costs for both guests and hosts, compared to existing intermediaries;

2) Secure and reliable transactions through instant replication with the blockchain infrastructure;

3) Reliable reservation system, which guarantees the existence of the property / service advertised and the reliability of reviews;

4) No need for tourists to download different applications to organize their personalized holiday: all services and information are vertically integrated into the Web App Yookye;

5) creation of holiday packages tailored to the specific needs of the traveler.
Platforms created on the basis of the shared economy principle have entered the tourism market, becoming extremely popular in recent years. P2P platforms have revolutionized the travel and tourism business, allowing people to build their own travel and now, this revolution is about to evolve into a second level: after the Internet, blockchain technology will be the new frontier of P2P vacation. Centralized reservation systems, once seen as revolutionary, are rapidly becoming obsolete with the advent of the blockchain. Yookye wants to be among the first realities for the use of crypto currencies in the tourism sector.


From the foundation to now.

In early 2018, the founders of Yookye dedicated themselves to team building and the preparation of the business plan. In June 2018 the company was founded and a first prototype version of the platform was launched at the end of the year.
The company has won numerous awards and prizes: 
– Yookye has been selected among the 10 best innovative projects on “intelligent tourism” among the 127 startups that participated in the Accelerathon Smart Tourism held in Rome on 9 and 10 November 2018, managed by Invitalia.
– Yookye won the selection on “Laboratorio territoriale dello sviluppo sostenibile”, more than 170 startups invited by Confindustria to “Connext”, the large business community that took place on 7 and 8 February 2019 in Milan.
– Yookye won the Call for participation at (10-11 April 2019), the main European event in the digital economy, with over 5,000 participants, 50% of which at C level, 120 exhibitors and over 1,000 startups.
– In September 2018, Yookye was granted a loan of 400,000 euros guaranteed by the central credit of the Italian government.
Currently under development: The development team is developing an Alpha version, which will be released in autumn 2019 for the planned MVP test. This will include the main features of the platform: subscriptions, browsing experience, accommodation, reservations, user profiling modules and holiday packages provided by the platform with the help of local experts, links to blockchain, crypto payments and FIAT, reviews.
An MVP test for the validation of the business model is scheduled for autumn 2019 based on the current Alpha version, in the Langhe-Roero area in Piedmont. This area was selected because, after being recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in 2018 there was a strong increase in tourism flows: + 7.4% of admissions (363,441) and + 7.1% of stays in hotels and accommodation (803,600). Lonely Planet included the area among its best travel destinations in 2019. Created by local entrepreneurs, Yookye has strong ties and is able to involve owners and providers of tourist services in the Langhe-Roero. Currently, about 100 pre-contractual agreements have been signed with suppliers of “experiences”, for example, wine tastings and visits to wineries, wellness tours, culinary experiences, bike rental, guided truffle hunts, private visits to castles and historical residences.

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